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With your support, the Committee of 13  advocates for our defined benefit pensions.
We work to make sure that you have the facts about your MPS/TRA defined benefit pension. We also make sure that the  legislators who serve on  Minnesota's Legislative Commission on Pensions and Retirement have up-to-date information on MPS/TRA pensions.


We provide facts that counter the biased information distributed by groups


The LCPR meets April 19. Keep the pressure on with calls and emails!

Thanks to your calls and emails  and the wisdom of some LCPR members there is new hope that the LCPR may include sustainability provisions in this year's Omnibus Pension Bill. Please continue your efforts. Make sure Chair, Rep.Tim O'Driscoll, 451 State Office Building, 651-296-7808, gets the message to include  much-needed sustainability measures in the Pension Bill during this legislative session!


Pappas pushes to include sustainability in pension bill

At its  April 12 meeting the LCPR did not act on sustainability bills for the Teachers Retirement Association (TRA), the Minnesota State Retirement System (MSRS) and the St. Paul Teachers Retirement Fund Association (SPTRFA). There is still a possibility that sustainability proposals will be taken up at the April 19 LCPR meeting. LCPR Chair Rep. Tim O'Driscoll, R-Sartell, said that he wants to see the House and Senate budget targets before taking any action. Sen. Sandy Pappas (D-St. Paul) opposes that strategy and argued that it would be risky for LCPR to move the omnibus bill without the sustainability measures attached to it. The Committee of Thirteen agrees with Sen. Pappas. Support sustainability.  Call or email LCPR Chair,  Rep.Tim O'Driscoll,



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